Over 100 Attend I Love Madison Meetup

Neil Mathweg
Published on February 15, 2019

Over 100 Attend I Love Madison Meetup

Before starting the I Love Madison Meetup, I agonized over starting it for almost a year.

I wanted to bring people together, but I was afraid no one would come unless we had an agenda, a theme, or at least topic to discuss.

Come along with us and catch excitement of I Love Madison Meetup!

I dreamt up this elaborate plan, but was afraid to start it.

I shared the plan with Ashley Quinto Powell one day, and asked her how to get started. She gave me the answer.

She said, “you are complicating things!”

Ashley Quinto Powell

“Just call a bar, tell them you are bringing 20 or 30 of your closest friends for a meetup and keep it super simple. Have no agenda. Just cool people hanging out. Figure it out as you go.”

Well, Ashley my friend, over 100 people last night liked your idea! 👊 Keeping simple worked!

In fact it’s become the draw to the event. No agenda, just cool people who Love Madison, hanging out!

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