I Love Madison House Concert with Michael Shynes

Neil Mathweg
Published on March 12, 2019

I Love Madison House Concert with Michael Shynes

We want to do something different than most real estate agents. Instead of just selling houses, we want to help people live their best lives in Madison. Now, it starts with their home, but we believe it goes way beyond that.
One way we feel we can help people live their best lives in Madison is by bringing people together for original events. Events that are one of a kind. Something to remember. Something to cherish. Something that would get them to say, “I Love Madison”.

That led us to the idea of a HOUSE CONCERT.

A small intimate group, coming as strangers, leaving as friends, to share a moment of one’s art and gifts.

Many have never experienced a house concert. From what we gathered most don’t know it’s a thing. Most don’t know how amazing they can be.
It takes a special artist to pull it off. It’s takes a singer/songwriter who shares stories and opens up to share his songs and life with the audience. I couldn’t think of anyone better to pull it off, than the amazingly talented (Platinum Artist!) Michael Shynes, from Saint Cloud Minnesota.

In November of last year I reached out to Michael to see if I could get him to stop in Madison for a night. We set the date. We sent out the invites to our clients. The date came and the magic happened.

❤️Huge THANK YOU to Metcalfe’s Market for providing the amazing spread of LOCAL food!! ❤️

Want to join us for the next I Love Madison Meetup?
No Agenda.  No Entry Fee.  Cash Bar. Just cool people who love Madison having fun!