Best Fish Fry In Madison, WI (February 2019)

Neil Mathweg
Published on February 25, 2019

Best Fish Fry In Madison, WI (February 2019)

Who has Madison’s Best Fish Fry? With so many awesome restaurants across the Madison area serving up fish on Friday night, crowning one final winner of the “Best Fish Fry” category was hard work, to be sure.

Back in the fall of 2018, we asked YOU to write in and tell us who you think has the best fish fry around town. We then ran the numbers and presented you with the top ten to make a vote on:

  1. Daly’s Bar & Grill
  2. Kavanaugh’s Esquire Club
  3. Brothers Three Bar & Grill
  4. Dexter’s Pub
  5. Jordan’s Big 10 Pub
  6. Quivey’s Grove
  7. The Old Fashioned
  8. Toby’s Supper Club
  9. Avenue Club and the Bubble Up Bar

Then in round two, those votes helped us narrow down our fish fry competitors to the final four:

  1. Toby’s Supper Club
  2. Oakcrest Tavern
  3. Jordan’s Big Ten Pub
  4. Daly’s Bar and Grill

Finally, thanks to your tireless efforts and online voting, the top three competitors went head-to-head for the crown (because of a tie in semifinals): Toby’s Supper Club, Jordan’s Big Ten Pub and Daly’s Bar and Grill.

On a cold wintery day in February, our judging committee set out in style, thanks to the generous sponsorship of Metcalfe’s, to determine which restaurant would be the champion of the cheese curds.

All the judges a board the Badger Bus heading out to determine who has Madison’s best fish fry.

Arriving outside of McFarland first, we were given an inside look of why Toby’s Supper Club is one of the most famous in Madison.  Celebrating 50 years on March 1st, Toby’s is full of tradition, memories, and some of the best stories you’ll ever hear. Beyond the amazing fish, Toby’s is known for their delicious homemade cinnamon rolls, cinnamon apples, the best traditional brandy old fashioned, and of course all of the fixings.  

From there, the committee loaded the bus and headed down to Sun Prairie to give The Daly’s Bar and Grill fish fry a try. Oh my, where they in for a treat.  Daly’s served it up, just the way you would get your fish fry on Friday night. Huge plates, with large pieces of fried cod, cheesy mash potatoes, cinnamon apples, and of course a brandy old fashioned.  

Next the community loaded the bus and headed downtown Madison to Jordan’s Big Ten Pub on Regent St.  Greeted with a brandy old fashioned, the judges waited patiently as they amazing fish was served alongside their traditional potato pancakes, and more fixings.  As judge, Chris Sorenson said, “it was the most Wisconsin tasting fish fry he had!”

The judges had to make a decision fast as we headed back to Metcalfe’s to deliberate and cast our final vote. It’s a rough job, but somebody’s got to do it.

While everyone agreed Toby’s and Jordan’s was amazing, the judges cast their votes and the winner was crowned:

  1. Kayla Clemons – Daly’s Bar and Grill
  2. Rachel Werner – Daly’s Bar and Grill  
  3. Sandy Jodrey – Toby’s Supper Club
  4. Chris Sorenson – Jordan’s Big Ten Pub
  5. Amanda Metcalfe – Daly’s Bar and Grill
  6. John from Hankr Food – Daly’s Bar and Grill
  7. Chef Sami Fgaier – Toby’s Supper Club
  8. Dan LaCloach – Daly’s Bar and Grill
  9. Jake Dowell – Daly’s Bar and Grill

Congratulations to Daly’s Bar and Grill for having Madison’s Best Fish Fry!

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