Let’s face it,

if you’re looking to sell your home, your main concern is how you’re gonna to sell your home quickly and for as much as it’s worth, right? And to have the confidence that your agent knows what they’re doing is huge!

That’s Exactly Why This Site Exists

To help home-sellers like you, make smarter, more informed decisions about one of life’s largest investments.  So you CAN sell your home for what it’s worth, and NOT be left wondering if you should’ve done this or that.

You’re probably here to see if I (or this pretentiously self-named website) can help you in selling your home.  Then again, maybe not – you might just another REALTOR looking for ideas for your about page.  (You’re welcome here too!)

What you WON’T hear me say

Normally, you might expect a list of achievements, but that’s NOT what this “About” page is… about.   As well, you’re not going to hear me say that I’ve got the “magic bullet” for selling your house.  And if you’ve tried to sell your house before, but didn’t succeed, I’m also not going to tell you that I know the reason why.  (There’s probably lots of reasons it didn’t sell.)

But instead, let me share with a bit of my background, so you can see why I take the stance that I do.

Stupid Plan: Becoming The Mega-Agent

Like a lot of real estate agents out there, when I started selling real estate my main focus was to sell as many homes as possible, to make a lot of money, and to become a mega agent with a big team around me.

Well, I succeeded.

And within 2 years I became the company’s top agent, and was ranked in the top 1% of the nation.  I was the youngest agent in company history to achieve this.

But the star status went straight to my head.  I was an arrogant-know-it-all real estate agent who only cared about myself.  

I Get Sick Just Thinking About This

I soon found myself attempting to master other aspects of real estate.  In 2005 I bought 2 million dollars of real estate.  I was flipping about 10 homes a year, I was building homes to sell, I was buying mini-storage buildings, and residential rental properties.  I was obsessed with making money.  I didn’t care about people, I only cared more about making money.

Losing Everything!

Well, in 2008, I was taught a lesson.

The real estate market was crashing.  My sales took a hit, my rental properties sat vacant, new construction that would sell in days was now sitting for months and in some case years.  I couldn’t back peddle fast enough.  I lost it all!

Now we could have filed bankruptcy against the bank and other individuals who were investing with us.  But I decided I couldn’t do that.

Instead we decided to humble ourselves and sell everything so we could pay people who invested in me. We sold so much stuff the kids feared they were next.  But during this process of downsizing, that is when it hit me.

When I was sitting with my head down that is when something stirred in me.  That is when I realized I needed to change.  I need to quit living for myself.

Real Estate Isn’t About Real Estate

I needed to live beyond myself.  I needed to be intentional about helping people.  That is when I realized real estate is not about how many transactions you can complete, real estate is about people! AND that is what I have set-out to do.

Now, I just want to help people…

– When agents told you things you wanted to hear just to get your listing – Those who have been misled by agents looking out for themselves – I want to debunk the myths of real estate sales – To tell the truth people deserve to hear.

I am NOT out to complete more transactions, I am out to help more people.

Earning Your Business Is NOT My Primary Goal

As much as I’d like to help you myself, that’s really NOT my primary concern.

My goal is to help home-sellers like you, make smarter, more informed decisions about one of life’s largest investments, and to empower you with the knowledge and the confidence to find the agent who’s right for YOU!

So you can sell your home for what it’s worth, and NOT be left wondering if you should’ve done this or that.

And that’s exactly why I’ve put together “The 11 Questions Every Seller Needs To Ask When Hiring A Realtor”.

You’ll be surprised, many agents don’t answer these questions very convincingly… I know, I was one of them.  So whether you’re looking to sell your home in the next week, month or even a year or two from now…

You should download a free copy for yourself right now.  (Click HERE)

There’s no fancy real estate jargon to confuse you.. just simple advice with some practical questions for you.  Just type in your email, and in just few moments from now you’ll get a copy sent right to your inbox.

I Love Madison

A family that I worked with a few years ago, recently was relocating out of Madison for a new job in North Carolina.  While visiting with them I asked if they are going to miss Madison.  She said, “no, I’m ready for a new city”.  I was so surprised, as I have never heard of someone not love Madison.  I asked more questions, and by the end of the conversation I discovered something.

Some come to a new city, and flourish.  Some come to a new city, and feel lonely and isolated.  They can struggle to get connected. 

I discovered that she is what I now call a “trailing spouse”.  Her husband was super connected, because he met his tribe at work. Meanwhile, she was home, lonely and isolated.  It broke my heart.  

So, I went on a mission to prevent this from happening to someone else.  I started a podcast, blog, video blog, and much more to help people who are new to Madison get connected to people, places, and events.  We named it I Love Madison.  Learn more by visiting www.ilovemadisonshow.com or find us on Facebook at facebook.com/ilovemadisonshow.

My Family Comes First (#1 Reason For My Success)

I’ve seen what happens to the family of many high achievers – they leave a trail of relational wreckage on the side of the road.

So… for me, family is priority #1.  It’s where my life starts and ends.  My wife, Jenny (who I’m madly in love with), and our two young daughters Natalie and Izzy and our son Ashton (they’re so amazing!), are my chief source of inspiration and happiness.

After being brought to my knees too many times, I have come to the simple reality that a strong family is foundational to a strong business.  And as a result, my conviction about my family permeates my commitment to personal integrity, and how I serve my clients.


It may sound a bit cheesy, but everyday I celebrate life… seriously!  Why shouldn’t I?  I’ve been given too much to not live a life of thankfulness.  And it’s my passion to pay these blessings forward, seeking to enrich everyone around me.  And one of the ways I do that, is by helping families to become great financial stewards of their money, with one-to-one mentoring and class-style training.

Well, that’s me in a nutshell.  What about you?  I’d love to hear more about you!  It doesn’t have to be about real estate (personally, I’d rather it’s not) – so give me a call, email me, or connect with me on Social Media – I’d love to meet you!